Walk In Tubs

ST-052A bathtub has become a necessity today, particularly for those who return home tired and would just want to have a warm soak. Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot step over the tub to enjoy this luxury. This can be true for senior citizens and physically challenged individuals. This is where the walk in bathtub comes in handy. These tubs are designed with a door that allows you to walk into the tub instead of climbing over it.

Walk-in tubs and regular tubs are of the same size, so that they will fit into any standard space designed for tubs. However, the height of these tubs is higher than the standard, to include a seat for the disabled or elderly. Their heights ranges between 37 to 60 inches. Their length and width is usually available in standard sizes. The seats within these tubs make them convenient for the elderly and disabled without too much stress.

There are many varieties of walk-in tubs that are specially designed for those with wheelchairs. Its door is designed such that those individuals can use it without any help it. All they have to do is open the door, and slide on to the seat in the tub from their wheelchair. Such bathtubs are also ideal for people with joint problems. Some walk-in tub come with security bars that aid people to get up and sit down easily. These bathtubs also minimize the risk of falling and slipping, reducing the risk of injuries. To use the tub, you will need to tightly close the door and fill it up.

Most models have a hand-held shower and an attachment that enables the tub to be mounted on a wall. Making it very convenient to use. The cheaper version comes without fixtures. Other models are walk-in tubs with enclosures for a spill-free shower, an important factor in the safety of the elderly.

The more expensive types are very luxurious with jets in various points in the bathtub that offer a Jacuzzi-like experience to users. Some of these jets have been positioned to allow pressure point access to the body, thereby soothing different bodily pains. Most bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass, though the former is more durable than the latter.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of these tubs. With the level of convenience and safety that it provides to the physically challenged and elderly, it is worth the investment.